How to raise your child’s self-esteem

Powerful and practical resources for teachers and parents enabling you to raise your child’s self-esteem & confidence in the classroom or at home.

Check your child’s self-esteem for free now

Mindscreen – we help you to raise your child’s self-esteem.

Our enlightening programme helps children aged 11 upwards to recognise their skills, interests, talents, and strengths. In addition, it provides you with tools and step-by-step guides to support them to develop their self-awareness, self-belief, and self-confidence.

How Mindscreen helps teachers and schools


We take great pride in offering you a suite of enlightening and engaging resources that can inform and support several of your existing practices.


School practices Mindscreen informs and supports

  • Pupil assessment – evaluates behaviour, motivation, and self-worth and pinpoints character traits, skills, and emotional learning needs.
  • SEMH – provides a suite of early intervention resources and lesson plans to support improvement in emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • EHCP – offers personality and learning needs insights to append and support applications.
  • School refusers – provides a toolkit to improve confidence and motivation and encourage pupils to return to classes.
  • Pupil anxiety and low self-esteem – informs early identification of tension and stress, and provides a 9-lesson curriculum to build up self-belief and self-esteem.
  • PSHE – offers a suite of resources that support personal awareness and growth.
  • Careers – informs pupils about study and career pathways that they will be more likely to enjoy and gain personal fulfilment from.
  • Teacher/pupil relationship – offers teachers easy-to-understand information to enhance teacher/pupil communication and interaction.
  • Engaging parents – provides ways to help parents gain a deeper understanding of their child and opportunities to build up teacher/parent relationships.
  • Staff awareness & wellbeing – teachers tell us that completing Mindscreen not only helped their pupils, but it helped them build up their own self-understanding and confidence too.
  • Whole school – supports development of a positive culture throughout school.
How Mindscreen helps children and families


We take great pride in offering you easy-to-use resources to help your children to learn about themselves, establish their goals, and develop an optimistic outlook on life.


How Mindscreen supports families

  • Personal profile – your child answers a series of questions about themselves which creates a unique profile, all about their behaviour, motivation, wants, and needs.
  • Self-understanding – your child’s profile will help them to learn about themselves, their skills and strengths, interests and motivation.
  • Careers – there’s even a section about study and career pathways that your child will be more likely to fit into and enjoy.
  • Lesson plans – 9 engaging lesson plans full of thought-provoking activities and stories, all designed to help your child understand themselves and build up self-esteem.
  • Homework for the mind – now, work through the lesson plans together, in the comfort of your own home, and watch your child’s self-belief and self-confidence grow.
  • Parent/child relationship – finding out how your child prefers to communicate and discovering what interests and inspires them, helps you talk to them in their “language” and improve relationships.
  • Parents – many parents have told us that completing Mindscreen not only helped them understand their child, but the process also helped them build up their own confidence.
  • Whole family – going through Mindscreen together, as a whole family, is a great advantage because you’ll get to know how you differ from your children and/or your partner. Knowing that these differences are neither good nor bad, helps develop an appreciation for each other’s qualities and strengths.

Easy-to-use resources for teachers & parents

Check your child for low self-esteem and confidence

For teacher and parent use. Answer 36 questions about your child and get a free report regarding their self-esteem and confidence.

Shine a spotlight on your child’s unique skills and abilities

Invite your child to complete Mindscreen’s personality profile, and give them insights to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.

Help your child to understand themselves & unlock their potential

Guide them along their journey toward higher self-esteem and raised aspirations with our enlightening, easy-to-use tools and engaging lesson plans.

Monitor improvement in your child’s self-worth & confidence over time

Discover skills your child needs help to develop at the start of their Mindscreen experience®, then measure how much they have grown at the end.

What teachers say

I am absolutely loving using it!!! It’s had such a wonderful effect on our school so far.Kate Buckley, Settle College.

What parents say

“Many of the exercises called on us to discuss the results from the profile, digging deeper into the ‘what, where, and why’ of the answers to really understand them and improve my child’s self-esteem.” Jacqui Paterson, parent.

Institutions who have supported our work

Teacher helping pupil raise his self-esteem

How Mindscreen works for teachers and parents

One of the greatest things about the Mindscreen experience® is that any adult can deliver it because it’s easy to understand and use.

“As a SENCO, we are used to ‘teaching’ interventions, but trying to explain to other staff what to do can be time consuming and not always accurate. The Mindscreen materials are presented such that any TA could pick them up, do a little bit of preparation and deliver a quality intervention.” Abigail Hawkins, SENsible SENCO.


“I’ve been greatly impressed with the uncomplicated yet effective setup of Mindscreen – it may be a simple process, but it’s an exceptionally well-crafted concept.” Kate Tunstall, parent.

The entire programme is focused on helping children understand themselves. For instance, how they feel, what they enjoy and love, what motivates and inspires them. Their personal profile uncovers their unique strengths and skills. This way, you’ll be able to help them to realise how they can apply them in all sorts of areas of their lives.

Adult helping female teenager raise her self-esteem

How Mindscreen works for your children

It’s all about helping children to learn about themselves, establish their goals, and develop an optimistic outlook on life.

Their personal profile helps them to recognise their talents. As a result, you’ll see little light-bulbs burning bright as their self-awareness and confidence grow.

Mindscreen experience® doesn’t just teach children to think about who they are and what they want from life. It also shows them that there are so many doors out there, just waiting to be opened.

“Wow! I think the information gathered from the survey is very insightful. I think this is really cool.” Sarah, pupil.


“How does it know I don’t like sitting down for long? It didn’t ask me that!” Danny, pupil.


For teachers

“After completing the Mindscreen programme with the first group, I had a queue of students at my door asking if they could be in the next group!”

Jan Woods, Thomas Deacon Academy

For children

“Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations.”

Kevin Lowden, University of Glasgow

For parents

“A really valuable resource for any child, especially those with low self-esteem or who need help with their confidence.”

Erica Knight, parent

Why Us?

​Mindscreen’s resources support growth in children’s self-understanding.

Founder Gav Devereux says, “Mindscreen offers teachers and parents a unique early intervention pathway. Above all, our programme helps adults to raise their children’s self-confidence, and self-belief.”